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fifth. don't forget, go to gretawire. remember bells are are -- rebels are beating lsu. that saul. tonight "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> wait, wait, wait. you are frustrated and you are not seeing their vision. don't you think you should have gone to the presidential candidate hey, they're mismanaging me? you have got to let me loose? bill: finally sarah palin enters the no spin zone for a major policy interview. bill: iran is this far away from getting a nuclear weapon. this far away. how are you going to stop them? bill: is the governor a legitimate presidential contender in 2012? >> the average american is going to rise up and our voice is going to be louder and louder. bill: then bernie goldberg will analyze my interview with sarah palin and also respond to this. [ laughter ] >> [bleep] yourself.
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bill: that should be interesting. and what about the "newsweek" cover that sarah palin objects to? >> in the grand scheme of things, of course, things like that really don't amount to a hill of beans. bill: the culture warriors on that. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. why sarah palin matters. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. i'm going to keep it very short because we have a substantial interview with the governor this evening took us more than a year to get her on the factor. when she writes about the mccain campaign muzzling her in her new book i know it's true. no question sarah palin is a media star who commands attention wherever she goes. in today that is enough for her to build on if she wants to run
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for president in 2012. that's why sarah palin matters. she is big. she could mount a serious primary challenge. that's why the far-left despises her. mrs. palin has the attention of the folks. and that's the memo now for the top story tonight. sarah palin debuts on the factor. let's begin this interview with a phone call you actually made to me to my house in late october 2008. we had been trying to get you on the factor for months. do you remember that? >> i do. shhh, that was part of that going rogue stuff nobody was supposed to know about in the campaign. bill: going rogue calling o'reilly at home. i don't know how you got my home number. but you basically said to me "i want to do the show but why didn't you do it? >> whatever the logistics were that weren't working out, we ended up not doing the show unfortunately. but reaching out to you and others who i believed would report fairly, objectively on the campaign. i wanted to talk to you guys.
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bill: we couldn't figure it out because obviously the factor is the biggest cable program with the most people watching. we certainly were fair to you. would you say we were fair to you? >> very fair. bill: ok. so why couldn't we get you and we had trouble getting senator mccain on the program. i didn't get it. >> the media strategy was a bit perplexing for at least those on the vice presidential side of the ticket and not really understanding where we were going there with the relationship with the media. it was just an indication of maybe some things in our campaign being out of touch with the normal every day average american who wanted to truly connect with the candidate. but, very glad to get to be here today. bill: ok. but you wanted to be on the program. you wanted to be on the factor curing during the campaign. you told me you did. i believed you. why would you bother taking time out of your busy schedule to call me if that weren't the case it? >> would be fair to the electric electorate had we reached out and had more of a connection via different media personalities.
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bill: it's fair to say that you were overcontrolled by the mccain people? >> they were the experts. they had run national campaigns before and, of course, i had never been a participant in anything larger than a state campaign. so, obviously having to put a lot of faith in their strategy and not having a whole lot of say in things like the media rollout. bill: should are you have said, look, i'm doing o'reilly. i don't care what you say. >> as you can tell in the book, those times when i was more assertive were the times that we were called "going rogue" and that being leak to the press which was unfortunate. but, at this point, of course, it's water under the bridge though. it is -- there were mistakes being made in the campaign. i made mistakes in the campaign. bill: everybody does. >> i acknowledge that. and i think more of a concern has been not within the campaign the mistakes that were made not being able to react to the circumstances, mistakes created in a real positive and
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professional and helpful way for john mccain. bill: all right. let's talk about the senator. was he accessible to you? could you pick up the phone and get him on the phone. >> absolutely. he still is. i have great respect for him. bill: did you tell him i'm having trouble with some of your people. >> i never bad-mouthed any of the operatives. bill: why not? >> i had faith that senator mccain was working with those operatives regarding -- bill: whoa whoa whoa, wait, wait, wait. you were frustrated and you are not seeing their vision. >> yeah, yeah. bill: don't you think you should have gone to the presidential candidate and saying hey, they are mismanaging me? you have got to let me loose? >> not necessarily. not burdening the candidate who was out there every day putting it on the line for voters to understand what it was that our ticket had to offer. not wanting to burden him with the internal operatives. bill: not wanting to put pressure on him. i would have done that. >> hindsight. but, no, i think it was obvious to everyone within the campaign that things weren't quite going well. bill: you guys auto could have won the election, i think,
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looking from a -- look, the press was against you. we all know that. bush had a lot of trouble. that hurt the republican ticket. we all know that. but it was close. john mccain -- did he ever scold you, by the way, after the couric interview and gibson interview and say you have got to elevate your game. >> he was nothing but positive and supportive. bill: never had tension between you. >> not an ounce of contention. no. bill: the two elements that got you in trouble, with all due respect, governor, were the gibson interview when he looked down at you with the glasses on the nose and said. >> do you agree with the bush doctrine? bill: when i heard that i went what bush doctrine. >> everybody said so did i? in what respect, charlie? >> well, what do you interpret it to be? >> his world view? >> no, the bush doctrine enunciated in september of 2002 before the iraq war. bill: do you think that gibson did that to demean you, to make you look stupid?
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>> those are the gotcha techniques that some in -- what some people call mainstream. others call now the lame stream media who want to participate in a tactic like that. bill: gibson is not like that. >> he had explained a little bit more the context of the questions he was asking, probably could have answered it. bill: that was a signature moment there. it hurt gibson because a lot of women said that's not fair. katie couric is a different story. now, katie couric asked you an easy question and you booted it, governor. >> i sure did. >> what newspapers and magazines did you regularly read before you were tapped for this to stay informed and to understand. >> i read most of them, again with a great appreciates for the press, for the media. >> like ones specifically? i'm curious. >> all of them. bill: if somebody asks what do you read? you say i read the "new york times," the "wall street journal," the "the washington post." i can reel them off in my sleep. you couldn't do it? >> well, of course i could. it's ridiculous to suggest that
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or to say that i couldn't tell people what i read. because by that point already the t. was relatively early in that multi segmented interview with katie couric. it was quite obvious that it was going to be a bit of an annoying interview with a badgering of the questions. it seemed to me that she didn't know anything about alaska, about my job as governor, about my accomplishments as a mayor or a governor, my record, and a question like that, though, yeah, i booted it, i screwed up, i should have been more patient and more gracious in my answer. it seemed to me that the question was more along the lines of do you read? how do you stay in touch with the real world? bill: condescending. that was your inexperience that led to that exchange with couric. you were frustrated. >> it was my inexperience in having to deal with a badgering condescending line of questioning. it had no reflection at all on my inexperience in terms of administrative record or
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accomplishment. bill: no, just handling the media. >> or vision for america. yeah, and, you know what? so what? so i wasn't. bill: it hurt you though. >> so i wasn't doing the right thing to ingrate united states myself with liberal media personalities to make them like me. so what? i think if most normal americans were put in the same position that i was there, they probably look at her and have that proverbial eye roll and say are you kidding me? are you suggesting that i don't read? bill: that led, in my opinion, to the mccain people, steve smith and the other guys saying we can't trust her out there because she the booted that that's where you lost credibility among them. i understand what you are saying. and katie couric, i spoke to her a couple days ago said she wasn't out to get you. clearly in your book you feel that katie couric was out to get you. >> i let the transcripts speak for itself and readers will decide for themselves if she had any kind of bias or nonobjective mission there. bill buy you think she was out to get you. it's different than gibson. >> i think that she was out to
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get -- if you will, anyone who didn't believe in her perspective. it's not like she was going to get in there and be, i think, unbiased, objective, and fair. bill: interesting. >> but it is my bad. it is my mistake and it was my inexperience in dealing with the media elite in my response, a very annoyed response to a very annoying question. bill: your bad. >> that's my bad. my mistake. [ laughter ] bill: i love those slang expressions. up next, was the governor surprised by the media attacks after her speech at the republican convention? right back with the second part of the sarah palin interview. boss:hey, glad i caught you. i was on my way to present ideas
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bill: continuing now with our lead story a conversation with sarah palin. her new book "going rogue" debuting at number one and a huge best seller for harper collins that's because governor palin has millions of admirers despite theed me a assault. i was in minneapolis, as you probably know, watching your speech when you were nominated. you obviously lights out speech. >> they say the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? lipstick. [ laughter ] bill: did you know after you gave that speech that the media was going to hammer you? did you have any idea that they were going to come after you the way they have? >> you know what i thought they were going to come after me for? getting a d in a college course
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22 years ago. that was the big controversy in my little world. that was the -- that was the skeletal ton in my closet. crap. once the media finds that out. bill: you didn't know they were going to come after you? >> no. neither did the campaign. had the campaign known, then they would have had practically speaking things like a binder full of information about me. bill: can i say something bold and fresh? >> please. bill: you should have known. you are a pro life woman. a pro-gun woman. you didn't think the elite media in new york and d.c. was going to put a target on your forehead? >> not to the extent that they did. no, i didn't anticipate that and evidently those running the campaign didn't anticipate it, either. but, you know, they did what they did. but i'm here where i am today, a meeting we plowed through a lot of that stuff that they threw our way, a lot of the darts and the arrows thrown our way. i'm still standing and i'm here
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with bill o'reilly. i think that's a bit of a victory. bill: i don't know about that. ok. so, you and the campaign were unprepared for the vitriol. see, i knew, when i watched you on that stage, i said here is a regular person. which i think you are. i don't know you that well. but i think you are a regular person. here is a regular person now could be vice president of the united states those pinheads back in new york and d.c. are not going to go for you primarily because of the pro-life stuff. >> how would we have known though to the extent that it would have been made manifest their disdain for the normal american? and i am a normal american. and when it comes to my pro-life views there are more americans today saying they understand the sanctity of life and pro-life than pro-abortion for the first time in decades i believe it is. bill: ok. the latest poll has you i believe with a 23% favorable. 37% don't know.
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you do the math and you are up at 60% of people who could like you. you are the biggest threat because you are a star media star where you are the only republican there are no other republicans media stars but you. now, that's why they are attacking you so vehemently. do you know that? >> i don't know why they are attacking me. bill: you are a threat. >> ok. whatever. i do know though that you are spot on when you say perhaps they fear what you are suggesting is a voice being heard that's coming from the heartland of america. and i say that figuratively and literally. bill: you are a populist. >> do you know what they're calling you now? >> evita. ava per reason. that's who they are calling you now. >> well, i don't know. but the liberal media is going to do what they do. and more americans though are
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getting discussed with what they are doing and not just because of any kind of personal or political attack on me. they are just saying you know what? enough is enough. there is no longer -- there is no longer a mainstream media that can be trusted to be objective and fair and balanced. bill: i agree. that's why fox does so well. >> exactly. bill: what was worst personal attack on you? >> i think the attacks that had to do with the suggestions that trig should never have been allowed to be born, of course. bill: the down syndrome baby should have been aborted. >> that was pretty hurtful. pretty harmful. but the personal attacks there, too. that's something that we have dealt with. and we plowed through it and we moved on. there were some practical things though that took place within the campaign that i wrote about in the book that were extremely disconcerting and disruptive in the campaign like my personal emails being hacked into and then being broadcast via media
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outlets. bill: lucky you didn't say anything scandalous. >> well, i know. they were looking for it though. like a modern time break-in of a campaign headquarters because electronically that is my campaign headquarter. bill: that's watergate light. david letterman, were you really mad that he made those jokes? >> i reacted, again, my reaction to a reporter who asked me about the joke that he did. bill: in hindsight? >> about my 14-year-old daughter being impregnated by a baseball player. and my reaction was, oh, i thought it was atrocious. it wasn't funny. and then from there i think the spin kind of was that i was absolutely outraged. it gave me an opportunity to say that that kind of humor is pretty outrageous. >> it was a degrading comment about a young woman and i would hope that people really start really rising up and deciding it's not acceptable. bill: if letterman invited you on to plug the book, would you go? >> no. i don't think i would want to
11:19 pm
boost his ratings and participate in that, no. bill: ok. interesting. oprah asked but levi johnton. >> will he be invited to thanksgiving dinner? [ laughter ] bill: i wouldn't answer questions about him if i were you. >> because you guys ask. i don't know, give me advice. how do you pivot away from questions about a character who is saying things that aren't necessarily true and certainly aren't very nice about, again, one of my children and my family? bill: i would just say he is the father of my grandchild and i want a very loving relationship in our family but i'm not going to say anything more. >> i will say that but at the same time, after a year of getting clobbered by the media, capitalizing on people who will make things up, there does come a time in any momma's heart and gut where they are going to say no, no, no. you are picking on my kids. you are picking on my family. i'm going to set the record
11:20 pm
straight. my gut instinct kind of is like a momma grisly bear. you touching my cub, touching my kids. i'm going to respond and set the record straight. bill: tomorrow the governor sets the record straight on iran, health care. a challenging interview friday night. also governor palin is the subject of our new bill o' poll question we are asking you to grade the interview from a to f and you can do it any time between now and next tuesday. and coming next, bernie goldberg will grade the first palin chat. and also respond to jon stewart who cursed bernie out last night. and, later, laura ingraham on the senate health care bill. i think miss laura is skeptical. ahead.
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bill impact segment: bernie goldberg joins us. stewart better watch out, bernie bernie. sarah palin, what did you think? >> well, my first reaction was when she mentioned the lame stream media, i was waiting for you to say my friend bernie is the one who came up with that. bill: she is on it. >> beyond that, i think as an overall reaction, people who watched and didn't like sarah palin going into the interview are not going to like her coming out of the interview. and people who were big fans going into the interview are going to be big fans coming out of the interview. the question is what about those people that you refer to in the poll who he who aren't sure how they feel about sarah palin. bill: 37%. >> yeah. 37%. let me be very clear. i have never endorsed sarah
11:25 pm
palin's politics. i have never endorsed her for anything either privately or publicly. having said that, she came off to me as a immensely likeable. now, whether or not she came off as presidential, that's another matter all together. bill: that's tomorrow night. i think the real heavy duty policy stuff is tomorrow night. we wanted to get a lot of the campaign stuff on the record, which i thought was interesting. now, in body language last night, tonya reiman said that the governor was a bit intimidated by me. i didn't see that did you hear any of that, see any of that? >> no, i didn't see an ounce of that as a matter of fact, i thought when you asked her about the katie couric interview. i mean if she was going to be intimidated that would be a good time. i don't think she was. i'm glad that you said you booted it and i'm glad that she manned up, if i could put it that way, and acknowledged that she booted it.
11:26 pm
a lot of the interviews that she has been doing in very friendly conservative places haven't been interviews at all. they have been love fests. they have been valentines. and in those venues, katie couric comes off as the villan. now, i think the question what newspapers do you read is a fairly easy question and she should have answered it. i happen to agree with sarah palin when she says she thought it was condescending in the real question was do you read anything? i think what she should have done is, a, answered the question. and, b, she should have said while we are on the subject, katie, i'm just curious what newspapers and magazines do you read? do you read "the weekly standard"? a conservative magazine? do you read bill buckley's national review? how about the most intelligent op-ed page and editorial page in american the "wall street journal"? do you read that, katie? bill: to be fair to miss couric, the question was designed to say, i think, to elicit where
11:27 pm
she gets her world view from, what publications influence her. but then miss palin says this had been going on for a long time and she just ran out of patience. all right. now, sarah palin was in new york and then she goes to michigan to start her book tour and she has a signing. here is how nbc news covered her signing in grand rapids. roll the tape. >> the u.s. government handed out $700 billion in wall street bailouts and all i quote was this lousy t-shirt. did you know that sarah palin supported the bailout? >> where did you hear that? >> she is against the stimulus but during the campaign she was for the bailout as was john mccain. did that change your view? >> no, it does not. >> this is a largely white, almost no minorities in this crowd. and they are here because they love sarah palin. >> they look like a white crowd to me. let's go back to joan walsh. not that there is anything wrong with it, but it is pretty mono chromatic up there. jonah, no surprise in terms of the ethnic nature of the people
11:28 pm
showing up. nothing wrong with that, but it is a fact. bill: so it's a white crowd. i don't know why that matters. >> no. that's precisely the point. you know, when chris matthews said he got a thrill running up his leg when he heard obama speak, i thought that was the dumbest thing i had ever heard on television. then he said if you don't cry when you hear barack obama speak you are not an american. i said no, that's dumber. then when he said a few days ago is it a crime to call al qaeda? well, if you are a major in the united states army it might be. bill: might be. >> but now he is enthralled with race. and i'm thinking this is a conservative woman from alaska. this isn't little kim or al sharpton. why would it surprise you that her followers are white? and while we're on the subject, chris, while we're on the subject, how many black people do you think are watching your show? for that matter, how many people do you think are watching your show? bill: all right. now, jon stewart takes a shot at you. you were on the factor, you know, a few days ago and you
11:29 pm
said that down syndrome babies wouldn't really be welcomed in many liberal pre60's -- precincts. >> when she was put on the ticket a disease broke out in. palin derangement syndrome. she has five kids. liberals don't have five kids. one of them has down syndrome. liberals certainly don't allow that to happen. [ laughter ] >> [bleep] yourself. bill: you got 30 seconds to whale on stewart. >> does that mean he doesn't love me anymore? look, let me try to respond to that brilliant analysis with the serious point. who do you think is more likely to willingly and knowingly have a baby with down syndrome? a pro-choice woman or a pro life woman? a woman for home religion isn't terribly important or a woman
11:30 pm
for home -- whom religion is important. the odds are it's pro life religious conservative woman that would make such a compassionate decision. the reason he is so upset is because he, like most liberals, think they have a monopoly on compassion and she showed that they don't. bill: all right, bernie. thanks very much. as always, the factor moves along this evening. the culture weighs in on the "newsweek" sarah palin cover. is it offensive? then laura ingraham analyzes the new senate health care bill. does it help you, the folks? we hope you stay tunedwho need
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11:34 pm
moammar get hoover and gretchen carlson portraying herself. what do you think of the cover? >> i think magazines are in dire straits right now. they do anything to sell magazines. that's point number one. point number two is the fact that, yes, of course, this is a sexist image of sarah palin. bill: why? >> why? because she is in shorts. did you ever see her campaigning campaigning in shorts? bill: i'm not a bar baron but i want to understand. this if you put a woman politician on a cover in sporting attire, it's sexist? >> the thing is that women can't win. you see, she looks good in shorts. you can't win with that. bill: she won because she looks good. >> no, no, no. there would be some women who don't like the fact that she has had five kids and she is fit. bill: that's just jealousy. >> women can't win. if she was heavy set. then the argument would be she doesn't look good in shorts. bill: why is this sexist? >> this is not the image that sarah palin would probably want herself portrayed as. bill: palin didn't like it? >> if you are considering her tore a presidential candidate
11:35 pm
for 2012. bill: so you think that -- i don't want to put words in your mouth that the magazine gheens her by putting her in that position? >> i think it was more of the magazine's effort than the effect it actually had on sarah palin. bill: ok. what do you think, alisyn? >> it is shamelessly sexist. bill: shamelessly sexist? >> shamelessly. i was appalled when i saw it truly. when i saw it, i thought she went on the cover in shorts? what is she thinking until i then -- it made sense when i realize she didn't do it. they stole the picture. if you are wondering how you know it's sexist, here is a simple test you can apply, bill. would they have done it to joe biden? bill: i hope not. they would have had to throw those things out if they did that to biden. >> they wouldn't do it to a male vice presidential candidate. they did it to sarah palin. bill: very good, alisyn. now, we have an ad in new york city which is like a block long. you are not going to believe. this get this up so i can have camerota analyze it. this ad is calvin klein.
11:36 pm
it's huge. this add goes a half a block. all right? and you know they are trying to sell jeans and there aren't any jeans in sight. so, you say, what, alisyn? is this sexist by the way? >> no, it's sexy. first of all, they are trying to sell underwear. and i think it's very effective. when i first saw the ad, i thought, where do i get that underwear? >> you want that underwear. >> i that underwear and that body. bill: mendez, right? ? bill you think to sell underwear that works. >> calvin klein has always been provocative how they advertise from the days of brook shields in the early 1980s. what was there before was a different billboard an orgy billboard five people all together. bill: they took that down. >> over time in our culture this is what it was. they know people are going to be outraged at that so they take it down and they put up one that's slightly less risky and what does that say in our culture now
11:37 pm
we say that's not as bad as the first one. bill: advertisers know you have got to get people's attention and it gets's people's attention. it isn't s. in a public square. it's enormous. walking with your kids. >> as i just was last week with my 6-year-old. >> anything wrong with that. >> i don't know. she didn't say anything to me about it. i'm sure she is taking that in. that's my point. the more we let slip by then eventually. bill: you don't have anything to say about it they canned by the time. >> i have two two 4-year-old who's ask a lot of questions nowadays. it would be hard to explain the subtext for that ad. bill: could you say they were tired? take a little nap. >> yeah, right. but i do, think, bill that is much less objectionable, that ad than the other ads that we have seen recently of the frightening skinny models of ralph lauren. bill: culture warriors. thank you. and gretchen as always. when we come right back, laura
11:38 pm
ingraham on the new senate health care bill 2,000 pages. >> there is a tire outfit lampoons president obama. wait until you see. this pretty
11:39 pm
11:40 pm
bill: thanks for staying with us i'm bill o'reilly in the weekly ingraham angle. health care bill breaking it down would set up a health care option that means the public
11:41 pm
would run health insurance company itself competing against private companies it would cost at least $850 billion over 10 years. probably more. and finally it would force taxpayers to fund some abortions. joining us now from washington, fox news analyst and radio talk show star laura ingraham. so i'm assuming as a conservative you don't like this bill. but is there anything outrageous in it, something that's got your blood boiling? >> well, in 2000 pages, you know, where do i begin? let's begin with the abortion issue, bill, since that got a lot of attention in the house bill with the stupak amendment passing. all of these feminists saying we are not going to speart any senator or congressman in the final bill that goes along with this prohibition on the funding of abortions. well, harry reid basically gave them an early christmas gift in this bill because, as you said, abortion is covered under this community health exchange program that does allow for abortion procedures under the bill. i'm looking at the language
11:42 pm
under this bill. what's really surreal about this is there a section that says the prohibition of funds for abortion. something like that. and you think wow, that's really good. but then you start reading the language and, of course, exactly the opposite happens. so this is a total slight of hand. have you seen all the polls on this. the american people don't think that abortion should be federally funded whether they say they are segregating the funds or not. it all goes into one pot and we know the truth here. that will be a major problem nor bill's passage finally. bill: mom imaginography study women don't need to get mammograms unless they are 50 years old. do you think it's tied into the health care dill? >> well, i think the timing of this is really curious. and this is an hhs appointed panel of, quote, experts, right? and as someone personally who has benefitted from early detection through diagnostic tools like mammography, you know, i paid a lot of attention to this. this thing comes out and says
11:43 pm
women under 50 don't have to get annual mammograms anymore. that the record is spotty about what it really does to save lives. and the administration is caught totally flat-footed about the outrage from women expressed all across this country. so they have kind of tried to backtrack from that. bill: they have. >> what it did was show us really a little bit of a glimpse into what is obviously going to have to happen down the road. which is rationing. you can't cover this many more people by putting it all on the backs of upper income earners and gutting medicare which is obviously what this bill does as well. bill: stunning for not only mammograms but other preventative procedures. >> colon scopes. bill: you don't need that unless you are 95 years old. >> colon scopes. certain health care screens. i addressed a group of doctors from georgetown in a speech did i last night. it was interesting to hear from them what they expect to be on the next list of recommendations from the u.s. preventative task
11:44 pm
force from h.h.s. they are very concerned that lives will be lost because of what is going to have to happen with rationing down the road. that is the most shocking thing in this bill next to the abortion issue for me. bill: ok. let's go to the aarp which supports the health care, obama he care, however you want to label it. that powerful organization, the american association of retired persons has been very supportive of barack obama. now we learn from the government's own web site that the aarp has received $18 million in stimulus money, put up the graph. but they have not had any jobs off the 18 million. so, the aarp got 1 million. no jobs created. so we called them. we want to be fair. hoping they come on next week. they said they are using the 18 million to train people to have jobs and 500 people they have trained so far have found
11:45 pm
them. and you say, what? >> well, i mean it sounds like community organizing to me. right? i mean, you are training people who are low income people and we all want to help low income people. but to work in nonprofit organizations. so, you are giving money to individuals for training stippens. they went through the list of how many people are getting training stippens. that means aarp, the foundation of aarp is actually doing the training, right? in some instances? so they are obviously benefitting on the front end of this 18 million is a drop in the bucket. bill: not to aarp. 18 million is big. >> it's the principle of it, bill. we were told that this was going to be shovel ready projects and stimulus was going to be all about job creation. i mean, you know, real jobs. bill: here is the question. >> it wasn't. bill: do you think it's a quid pro quo with the aarp going along with the obama administration? do you think they get a little back side reward here?
11:46 pm
>> they are going to get hundreds of millions, bill, from the fact that they are going to be able to now sell these mediciney gap brands that they brand under the aarp name since medicare advantage will essentially be gutted. they will benefit, yeah, from the job training. that's a minuscule in comparison to the met that gap policies they will be writing. the whole thing is a big payoff. we hope the aarp comes off next week. reality check on deck tonight. tonight a brand new fox news poll on khalid sheikh mohammed and sarah palin's current approval rating. right back with check.
11:47 pm
i heard about him from all the other girls. we were working at the same company. and she was something else. announcer: take care of each other, and your health. with nature made cholestoff. cholestoff helps lower ldl cholesterol, the bad kind, naturally, by using the same types of phytonutrients found in nuts, grains, fruits, and vegetables. he makes me laugh. he still does, but it's nice. announcer: learn how to lower your cholesterol, naturally, at nature made. fuel your greatness.
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bill: back of the book segment tonight, reality check where we put the truth center stage. check one.
11:50 pm
brand new fox news poll is fascinating. when asked about president obama on the job, 46% approved. the same number disapprove. a big drop for the president from late october. now, sarah palin 47% of americans like her now. 42% do not. that's a good showing for the governor. and about trying al qaeda in new york, 42% say it's a good idea. 4 9% believe it is a bad thing. check two. criticism on the right over president obama bowing to the japanese emperor. well, let's go back to 1972. >> this encounter between nixon, the career anti-communist and chairman maui the leader of the largest communist movement in history shocked nixon's old conservative allies. they accused him of surrendering to international communism but for nixon, it was all part of his global strategy. by visiting china, he was beginning to exploit the divisions in the communist
11:51 pm
world. bill: did you see that little bow there? it's all protocol. check three, president obama says his behavior overseas is helping america. >> i think that we have restored america's standing in the world. that's confirmed by polls. a recent one indicated around the world, you know, the before my election, less than half of the people, maybe less than 40% of the people thought that you could count on america to do the right thing. now it's up to 75%. bill: well, a pew research study does say the u.s.a.'s image abroad has improved significantly under president obama. the onion is a is i tier satirical web site. >> last night maliyah about raising her allowance his home teleprompter went blank. he froze mid sentence. after a few seconds of silence obama was able to call up his prepared remarks from memory. >> didn't differ at all from
11:52 pm
what was brought up. >> almost verbatim. he hit all the points about maliyah needing to get at least a b in math and trying to get on a soccer team just that different order they were written. >> white house press secretary debra england briefly addressed this error today. let's take a look. >> the president has hundreds of conversations today it isn't feasible for him to memorize the desk. the prompter is to help him remember to blink and breathe. >> we should point out he was not scripted interactions reagan cue cards. >> and of course joe biden is known for reading his remarks off his arm where he has written them in magic marker. >> jane, thank you so much for that remark we appreciate it? >> the president has increased his reliance on the teleprompter send it alone on low priority meetings and photo ops. bill: finally check 5, the november ratings almost over and once again the factor dominates in the key demo. we are actually up 5% over last
11:53 pm
november which, of course, is the presidential election. that's amazing. cnn down a whopping 71%. and msnbc has collapsed down 63%. those are bloody numbers. and once again we thank you you guys for keeping us on top. that is reality check. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring will farrell and jordan sparks. right back with itññ?y@?
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
commissioner borden: time now for "pinheads & patriots." former "american idol" winner jordin sparks, urging teenagers not to text and drive, which is a huge problem in america. so for doing this, ms. sparks is a patriot. on the pinhead front, "forbes" ago zeen evaluated some salaries. for every dollar they pay will ferrell, the studio takes in $3.29. shay labeouf, by contrast, brings in $160 for every greenback he is paid so she is a bargain. now, you can look at this two ways -- either mr. ferrell is a pinhead or he's incredibly smart for earning all that money for so little return. finally, it's time to become a bill o'reilly premium member, where i cover stories we haven't covered on fact fact
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because we don't have -- "the factor" because we don't have time. spend $49.95 on bill o' and get this nifty "we say merry christmas" bumper sticker absolutely free and get two tote bags free. how cool is this? check it out on bill o' all the money i get to the website goes to charity. now the email. you asked sarah palin if she's smart enough to be president. i wonder if you would have asked that to a man. come on, give me a break, i would have asked that to anybody. in my opinion, sarah palin is a pretendser. she's trying to be something she's not." abe from sunrise, florida. bill, regarding the body language segment, why don't you have palm readers on "the factor"? >> nice idea, we're going to check it out. karen van horne, fairfax,
11:58 pm
virginia. cheech & chong are great for not legalizing marijuana. dude, did you burn one with the guys after the interview? if not, you're a pinhead. didn't burn one, tom, but i'm sure it would have been awesome had i! dude. from great falls, montana, "bill, we are disappointed you aren't coming here with glenn beck. you could call it "the bold and cold" tour." i love big sky country, linda. very few tickets remain for norfolk, virginia, charleston, south carolina, and the tampa, florida, show. all the other venues are all sold out, pretty much. thank you all very much. but there are a few tickets for the tampa second show and in charleston. so you want info, "bold fresh going to be a lot of fun. bob from connecticut. "bob dylan is donating the royalties from his christmas album to feed america and other charities. sounds like a patriot to me."
11:59 pm
not a bad point. i just can't get by seeing dylan in that santa hat, bob. "mr. o, i woke up around midnight and began reading "bold fresh" to get drowsy. at 7:30 a.m., i finished the book. great read." i appreciate that. it's now in its 24th printing, and i really appreciate everybody who has supported my book. how about our website? that is the "the factor" website, not bill o' email us with a pithy comment or two. name and town if you wish to opine. here's the word of the day. when writing to us, do not be peevish. our word of the day we got booed last night, it was unfriend. if you don't know what that is, you've got to go to facebook. don't be an unfriend writing to the "the factor" and don't be peevish. "the factor" quince 24/7, "the factor" quince 24/7, please check

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